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About Me

lauraMy interest in floral design started in 2008 when my daughter was planning her wedding.  After experiencing "sticker shock" at a local florist, I stepped out in faith to create the bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, aisle arrangements and an elaborate arch display.  Her romantic outdoor wedding featured orange roses, Picasso calla lilies, orange Asiatic lilies and dahlias.  Thanks to my friends and Floral Design Institute Videos the flowers came out affordable and beautiful.  I found that this gift of love to my daughter was something I was good at and enjoyed.
Six months later when my next daughter got married I naturally wanted to do the flowers for her wedding.  This time the design was more sophisticated to match her personality, gown and venue. Delphinium, Dendrobium orchids, roses, and Bells of Ireland were used to create stunning arrangements atop Eiffel tower vases.  The bouquets became more technical as the orchids needed hand wiring and cake tops proved challenging.
As I helped out other friends and family with their weddings, I felt the prompting to share m talent with others and move from the "hobby" to the small boutique business realm.  I love to explore the unique possibilities for each bride and integrate her flowers into the overall experience of her wedding day.  I also wanted to make sure that my skills were at a high level so I enrolled in Floral Design Institute’s distant learning program.  Basic Floral Design was completed in 2013 and Advanced Floral Design in 2014.
Now with a business license, I can shop the local wholesale markets just like any other florist.  Because of my commitment to supporting the community and local growers, I am a member of Seattle Wholesale Growers Market where farmer from Washington, Oregon, California and even Alaska bring in fresh flowers for wholesale prices.

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